Daftar berikut ini merupakan nama-nama dosen Universitas Muhammadiyah yang karya ilmiahnya telah dipublikasikan dalam berkala Imiah (Peer-Reviewed Journals) yang terindeks Scopus maupun Thomson Reuters





Segmentation of breast cancer cells positive 1 and 3 immunohistochemistry (2016)
AIP Conference Proceedings
Automated cervical cell nuclei segmentation using morphological operation and watershed transformation (2012)
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Kesetyaningsih, Tri Wulandari.

 Knowledge, behavior and socio-economic status of community in dengue endemic areas with increase and stable trends in Sleman district, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2016)
AIP Conference Proceedings
Effectiveness of growol to prevent diarrhea infected by enteropathogenic escherichia coli (2015)
International Journal of ChemTech Research



Purbohadi, Dwijoko

Intelligent tutoring system for mastery learning: Development method for extensive use (2015)
Advanced Science Letters
E-learning model for mastery learning based on gama feedback learning model (2014)
Advanced Science Letters

Promono. Adi.

The effectiveness comparison of analgesic effect of paracetamol and ibuprofen after circumcision (2015)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
The comparison between tramadol with ketorolac as analgesic post Appendictomy at PKU Muhammadiyah hospital of Yogyakarta (2015)
International Journal of PharmTech Research



Riyadi, Slamet

Analysis of digital image using pyramidal Gaussian method to detect pavement crack (2015)
Advanced Science Letters
Development of student data mart using normalized data store architecture (2015)
Advanced Science Letters


Rosyidi, Sri Atmaja P

Analysis of digital image using pyramidal Gaussian method to detect pavement crack (2015)
Advanced Science Letters
Simultaneous in-situ stiffness and anomalies measurement on pavement subgrade using tomography surface waves technique (2015)
Procedia Engineering



Kusumawati, Wiwik


Interprofessional education from pilot to formal curriculum (2015)

Leadership and Collaboration: Further Developments for Interprofessional Education




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"The effectiveness of baitul maal wat tamwil in reducing poverty the case of indonesian islamic microfinance institution." (2015)



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"Gender analysis on Islamic texts: A study on its accuracy," (2014)

Global Journal Al-Thaqafah

E-learning implementation in medical education: Why does the program fail in our department? (2015)
Advanced Science Letters
Applied cal on problem based learning using gagne's instructional design (2014)
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning



Tjahjono, Heru Kurnianto

A model of religiousity and organizational justice: The impact on commitment and dysfunctional behavior (2016)
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The configuration among social capital, distributive and procedural justice and its consequences to individual satisfaction (2011)
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