Research at UMY

Research at UMY

Conduct research, Search, discover, read, review, Collaborate, network Experiment, Analyse, synthesize.

Funding for research is crucial in order to keep up-to-date with the rapid changes that enable revolutionary discoveries to be made. Opportunities for internal University funding may be accessed on this page.

These fellowships provide an opportunity to build an independent research career and to pursue cutting-edge scientific research.

The management and sharing of data produced in research is increasingly emphasized.

A Research Cluster is a formally recognized group of researchers who share expertise in a particular field or theme and who are involved in a collaborative research project or set of related projects.

Centers are organized as one- or multi-disciplinary units for research, academic community, creative work, skills training, leadership and facilities.

Research integrity refers to high quality and robust practices in the whole process of research, i.e. research planning and management.

UMY researchers provide meaningful solutions to global issues. We share our capacity to maximize their impact and provide more insight with our partners.